Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Aut 2 Be Kids Summer Camp Events 2012!

A mother and her son playing in the dirt!
(3-8 year old Program!)
As we have said before, one of our main goals for the Aut 2 Be Kids Club is to provide children with Autism the same experiences Neurotypical children have.  Our Summer Camp Events are catered to our children with ASD, creating sensory smart activities that are age appropriate and fun! 

Please enjoy some of the pictures taken of our local families having fun at just a few of the 2012 Aut 2 Be Kids Summer Camp Events! 
Digging in the dirt for bugs, frogs, and snakes!
*Sensory Activity!*

Water painting!
(3-8 year old Program)
More of our kids!
(Fine Motor Activity!)
She is an adorable Crocodile!
Walking the plank! 
(Great Gross Motor Activity!)

A lifeguard catching a child with ASD at the bottom of the slide!
(9-21 year old Program!)